Indulgence and Restraint: Images of Desire at Bolsover and Chatsworth

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A public lecture by Prof. Angie Hobbs 


The event will take place online on Friday the 11th of June at 4.30 pm BST.  

The 'Image and Thought' TORCH Network is excited to announce its next event: Prof. Angie Hobbs will give a public lecture on 'Indulgence and Restraint: Images of Desire at Bolsover and Chatsworth'. Her talk will explore some of the philosophical themes in the magnificent collection of masterwork drawings at Chatsworth House and the intriguing wall decorations in the Little Castle at Bolsover.  Despite the close geographical proximity of Chatsworth and Bolsover and the Cavendish family connection, the approaches to erotic love and desire in the drawings and the wall decorations are very different, embracing the spectrum from voluptuous celebration to strict restraint. She will focus on works which represent and engage with Platonic, Neoplatonic and other classical themes.

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