Linacre College Philosophy Seminars (3)

kant conference

It has been argued that Descartes introduced into philosophy a skepticism more radical than anything that can be found in the writing of his predecessors. This more radical skepticism has repercussions for how we think of our relations to others. In more recent times, John McDowell has criticized the post-Cartesian model of our relation to others and advocates a return to an understanding here that is more in line with pre-Cartesian philosophy. In this talk I examine these very different ways of thinking about our relations to others.

Biography: Anita Avramides is Southover Manor Trust Fellow in Philosophy at St Hilda’s College and Reader in Philosophy of Mind. She has written Meaning and Mind: An Examination of Gricean Approach to Language and Other Minds. In 2018-19, Knowing Others, edited with Matthew Parrott will be published with Oxford University Press.