Love and Truth in Religion - A Symposium at Regent’s Park College (Saturday - Week 6, MT)

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Saturday 17 November


Panel 1
9.30 — 10.15 am       
Minlib Dallh, Fellow in the Study of Love in Religion, Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford
The Relation between Love and Truth in Islamic Mysticism


10.30 —11.15 am
Lydia Schumacher
Senior Research Fellow in Medieval Theology and Philosophy, King’s College London.

Love and Truth: Aristotle, Avicenna and Early Franciscans


11.15  am  Break for coffee/tea

11.45 am
Daniel Barbu
Professor and Head of the Research Institute, Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest and formerly Minister of Culture, Romania.
Understanding the relation between Truth and Love in the Western Intellectual Tradition


1.00 pm           Symposium lunch provided


Panel 2
2.15 – 3.00 pm
Simon May, Visiting Professor of Philosophy, King’s College London.

Love as a promise of ontological rootedness


3.00 — 3.30 pm
Mirina Paananen, Research Scholar, University of Oxford
Love and Music in Islamic Traditions

3.30 — 4.00 pm
Otniel Bunaciu, Professor of Theology, University of Bucharest

Subject TBA

4.00 pm.   Break for coffee/tea


Panel 3 
4.30-5.00 pm
Peter Petkoff
, Senior Lecturer in Law, Brunel University.    Subject TBA

5.00 –5.45 pm

Rebecca White, Director, Oxford Theological Exchange Programme & Dr Smilen Markov:
Maximus and Chapters on Love

5.45–6.15 pm.

Martin Whittingham, Research Fellow in Islamic Studies, Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford
Truth Claims in the Islamic Traditions – provisional title.


7.00 pm           Dinner in a local restaurant for those who can stay