Methods and Work in Progress Seminar in Practical and Medical Ethics (Tuesday - Week 6, MT20)

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This seminar is an opportunity for graduate students from all departments whose work has an applied ethics dimension to join a practical and medical ethics seminar group led by researchers from the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics.

During Michaelmas Term the seminar will continue to be held online, the details of how to enter the virtual classroom will be emailed to you in the week prior to the seminar. We therefore request that all students opt-in to the seminar group this term. This is to ensure that only students who will be participating receive the invites to the online sessions (and so we don’t clog up everyone else’s inboxes) Please email if you wish to sign up for the online seminar group. Even if you registered last term, you MUST OPT-IN again for Michaelmas Term.

Each week, for the first hour of the seminar, one of the researchers from the OUC will introduce a key topic in Practical or Medical Ethics, referencing various texts, including Medical Ethics and Law; a Curriculum for the 21st Century, 3rd edition. (The relevant chapters/texts will be made available to you the week prior to the seminar)

During the second hour of the seminar students will be given the opportunity to present draft papers or thesis chapters for constructive comments and discussion with other graduate students, led by Dr Rebecca Brown.

The format for the discussion section of the seminar is as follows: One student will have the opportunity to present a work in progress paper. The student will give a 10 min presentation, on their paper, which will be followed by a giving a 5 min initial response to the paper presented.  This will then be followed by an open group discussion for the remainder of the hour. Papers and reading material are circulated a week in advance via email.  Students who volunteer to present are asked to choose another session in which to respond.
The presenting and respondent spaces are issued on a first come first served basis so please email ASAP to ensure you get a space.  Responding to papers is as important an aspect of the seminar as presenting.