Michael Lockwood Memorial Symposium (Saturday - Week 7, TT19)

books can be used


14.00 - Introduction and Thoughts on Michael 
            Harvey Brown and Gill Lockwood.

14.30 - Simon Saunders (Oxford) 'The meaning of h'

15.15 - Grant Gillett (Otago): 'Neuroethics as the foundations for ethics'

16.00 - Coffee break

16.30 - Further thoughts on Michael
            Julian Savulescu (Oxford) and Marianne Talbot (Oxford)

17.00 - Raanan Gillon (Imperial College London): 'My career-long enthusiasm for  'principlism' or the four principles approach to medical ethics: it was all Michael's fault'.


All welcome; no pre-booking necessary. Please contact harvey.brown@philosophy.ox.ac.uk if you have any questions.