Moral Perception in Iris Murdoch

Queen's College

The idea of moral vision is both of relevance to a range of contemporary debates in moral philosophy and prominent in Iris Murdoch’s work. Murdoch talks variously of ‘really seeing’, ‘looking’, ‘attending’, a ‘loving gaze’, and so on. The significance of this talk has been disputed by commentators, both in terms of its philosophical import and in terms of its broader implications for Murdoch’s overall conception of morality. This conference will bring together both established and emerging scholars with a view to better understanding this notion of moral vision, its relation to Murdoch's work more generally and to current debates in moral philosophy.

Confirmed speakers: Anna Bergqvist (MMU); Anil Gomes (University of Oxford); Sophie Grace Chappell (Open University); Lawrence Blum (University of Massachusetts); Casey Doyle (University of Oxford); Niklas Forsberg (University of Pardubice).

More details about the conference (including titles and programme) can be found here. If you would like to attend, please email Ben Sorgiovanni for further details of registration. 

We regret that accessibility is limited for this event. There is a ramp into the building, but a large step at the entrance to the conference room, which is located on the ground floor. The nearest wheelchair-accessible toilets are roughly 300m away. If you would like to know more about accessibility please email either Ben or Silvia using the addresses above. The University of Oxford recommends Little Hens childcare: . We are happy to assist with booking the service. There will be a short break after each paper, in part, for breastfeeding mothers.

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