Moral Philosophy Seminar (Monday - Week 3, TT19)

Susan Wolf

Upon which mundane aspects of the world should we focus if we wish to say the right things about the status of normative ethics? I say: Primarily on what I call the "depth" or "superficiality" of inquiry and debate. The conclusions we form pursuant to deep inquiry and debate have effects on our other beliefs, our non-conceptual representational states, and our actions that those we form pursuant to superficial debate and inquiry do not. I'll show how the superficiality of the debates we tend to lump under "normative ethics" explains not only why normative ethics is an objective but autonomous domain of inquiry, but also why it appears in many respects not to be objective.

Convener: Ed Lamb

Members of the audience are invited to join the speaker and the convener for drinks and dinner at a local restaurant following the talk (at their own expense). There will be some limit on the number of people who can attend. Please RSVP to Ed Lamb to reserve a place. Please note that we will no longer be going to dinner afterwards at Somerville College to continue questioning the speaker. In future terms the time of the seminar may be brought forward to 15.00 - 17.00, which would make it possible for all to go to pre-dinner drinks. Please let Ed Lamb know if this change of time would make you more or less likely to attend.