Moral Philosophy Seminar (Monday - Week 4, MT21)

moral philosophy

It is sometimes claimed that each of us has a special “first person perspective” on his or her own mind, and that understanding this perspective is crucial to understanding what a mind is. It is also sometimes claimed that each of us confronts questions about what is valuable and choiceworthy from a distinctively “agent-centered” standpoint, and that understanding this standpoint is crucial to understanding various striking features of our moral lives (e.g., our entitlement to give special weight to our own well-being and our obligation not to perform certain types of action no matter how beneficial their consequences might be). I will argue that the analogies between these two claims are not just superficial, but point to the importance, in both cases, of a certain representational structure that sets “first person” awareness apart from external or “third person” awareness. Appreciating this structure will put us in a position to understand the rationality of some forms of choice that would otherwise appear problematic.

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Moral Philosophy Seminar Convenor: Jeremy Fix