Moral Philosophy Seminar (Monday - Week 4, TT21)

moral philosophy

This talk considers an alternative way of conceiving of what Miranda Fricker has dubbed “hermeneutic injustice”. According to Fricker, individuals suffer hermeneutic injustice when they lack conceptual resources to make sense of their experiences due to hermeneutical marginalization. I pose some challenges for Fricker’s particular conception of hermeneutic injustice as well as for theories of hermeneutic injustice generally. I then answer those challenges by developing an account of hermeneutic injustice that focuses on fair organization of public sphere norms and institutional rules. The basic idea is that hermeneutic injustice consists in unfair terms of cooperation in the institutions and practices within which we interpret our views and experiences. I then use this conception of hermeneutic injustice to distinguish the grounds and nature of various complaints that citizens have about the media. 

The Seminar is going to be held via Microsoft teams. Please email one of the convenors below if you would like to attend.

Moral Philosophy Seminar Convenors: Ed Lamb and Jeremy Fix