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Imagining the Divine

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Bing Overseas Study

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Prof Bill Fulford (St Catherine’s College and Warwick)

Dr Hasanen Al-Taiar (Psychiatry Department, Oxford)


Dr Roxana Baiasu, Stanford University Centre in Oxford and Philosophy Faculty, Oxford)

Mental health, like other areas of medicine, is set to benefit from dramatic advances in the biological and medical sciences - yet values (what matters or is important to those concerned) are key to the differentiation between pathological delusions and positive spiritual experiences. The discussion  will explore, from both philosophical and medical perspectives, how values and science come together in mental health indicating, in particular, the role of cultural values in how delusions are experienced and hence how they impact on the lives of those concerned.

For more information, contact: Dr Roxana Baiasu (roxana.baiasu@philosophy.ox.ac.uk).

Oxford Philosophy Forum Convenors: Dr Roxana Baiasu, Dr Nicholas Bunnin and Professor Stephen Mulhall.