Oxford Philosophy, Law, and Politics Colloquium (Week 1 - MT22)

murphy l law philosophy

We are very pleased to invite you to the Oxford Philosophy, Law, and Politics (PLP) Colloquium and Seminar Series, an interdisciplinary colloquium series that brings together theorists from philosophy, politics and law, and beyond, to discuss works-in-progress by distinguished visiting scholars. The PLP Colloquium is co-convened by Cecile Fabre, Kate Greasley, Alison Hills, Cecile LaBorde and Ruth Chang. 

A reception and dinner will follow the events. When you register, please indicate whether you would like to attend the dinner (numbers are very limited so please don't be too disappointed if we can't include you. Please indicate any special interest you have in the guest). 

A paper for each session is circulated in advance to registrants. Those unable to read the paper in advance are nevertheless welcome to attend as a summary of the paper will be given. Registration is required for attendance, please. 

Accompanying  the colloquium will be an Oxford PLP Seminar for students with Ruth Chang on Liam Murphy, during which the paper and any other relevant material to the colloquium will be discussed. The seminar will be held in person, in Bostar Hall, University College on October 13, 2022 at 2-4pm. 
If you wish to attend any of these colloquia and accompanying student seminars, please let us know by emailing oxfordplpevents@gmail.com . For more information, visit the PLP Colloquium website.