Philiminality (Week 2, TT18)


What is/are the logical form(s) for grounding claims? What theoretical work is grounding asked to do (what are its applications)? How diverse are the concepts of grounding? Does it make sense to gather them under one title, or are there natural distinctions to be drawn between uses in different traditions and contexts? This talk will seek to shed light on all of these questions, drawing on perspectives from Buddhist, Hindu, Greek and contemporary metaphysics.

Prof. Jan Westerhoff (Professor of Buddhist Philosophy, Faculty of Theology and Religion, Oxford) will discus anti-foundationalism in Buddhism (specifically Madhyamaka).
Dr Jessica Frazier (Centre for Hindu Studies; Faculty of Theology and Religion, Oxford) will contribute aspects of the Hindu perspective on this metaphysical issue. (Details tbc.)
Prof. Michail Peramatzis (Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford) will consider whether Aristotle has a generic notion of priority/grounding, with particular reference to passages from the Categories and the Metaphysics.
Ben Brast-McKie (DPhil Candidate, Faculty of Philosophy) will present elements from a contemporary development of the concept, inspired primarily by Kit Fine. 

Speaker presentations will be followed by a moderated panel discussion and Q&A.

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