Philosophising with the Greats Conference


  Photo by Anna Marmodoro

Friday 18th March 

         9:30-10:00am Meet and greet & coffee 
Morning session

Chair: Fiona Leigh (University College London) 
        10:00-11:15 Scott Berman (Saint Louis University): “Plato and the Objects of Thought” 
        11:20-12:35 Anna Marmodoro (Durham University): “Plato’s and Aristotle’s relationless ontologies” 
        13:25-14:00 Lunch 


Afternoon session

Chair: Christopher Austin (Durham University) 
        14:00-15:00 Chiara Martini (University of Oxford): “Ariadne’s Thread: Where Can the History of Philosophy Lead Us?” 
        15:05-16:05 Ben Koons (Yale University) “Aristotle's Privations and Our Omissions” 
        16:05-16:30 Coffee break 
        16:30-17:45 John Pemberton (Durham University): “Aristotle's hidden solution to the puzzle of causation”  

Saturday 19th March 

Morning session

Chair: William Simpson (University of Cambridge) 
       10:00-11:15 Rob Koons (University of Texas at Austin): “Sorting out Aristotle: Using Contemporary Metaphysics to Illuminate The Metaphysics” 
       11:20-12:35 Sophia Connell (Birkbeck, University of London): “Aristotle on organisms, species and their values in a contemporary context” 
       13:35-14:00 Lunch 

Afternoon session

Chair: Richard Sorabji (University of Oxford) 
       14:00-15:00 Taylor Pincin (University of Texas at Austin): title TBC 
       15:00-15:15 Coffee break 
       15:15-16:30 Christopher Shields (University of Notre Dame): “From Actuality to Goodness: Value Facts in Aristotle”  
       16:30 Refreshments and general discussion 


The event will be in person, but it will be possible to also follow it online. It will take place in a well ventilated and large space that will facilitate social distancing. The conference location is wheelchair accessible – other enquiries concerning accessibility will be welcomed by the organisers. There is no registration fee, but we ask those intending to attend to register by emailing either or both organisers name and affiliation.

Organisers: John Pemberton and Anna Marmodoro
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