Philosophy of Mind Visiting Speakers Seminar (Friday - Week 7, TT21)

Philosophy of mind

Having a certain practical capacity entails having a certain cognitive capacity. In particular, being able to φ as a basic action involves having a special way of thinking of the action type φ-ing. This way of thinking of φ-ing is independent of descriptive, recognitional, and demonstrative ways of thinking of φ-ing. This is a practical concept of φ-ing. When you φ intentionally as a basic action, you can apply this concept in a cognitively blameless way: you are entitled to its application, and so you are able to know without observation or inference that you are φ-ing when you are φ-ing intentionally. This vindicates some of what Anscombe said about practical knowledge of your own intentional actions. 

People wishing to attend Mind Visiting Speakers will need to email Mike Martin, and will be sent a link for the meeting by the Thursday morning: the sessions will be secure, and each person who joins will need to be admitted to the session. So contacting Mike Martin ahead of time will be essential.

Philosophy of Mind Work-in-Progress convenor: Mike Martin and Dominic Alford-Duguid