Philosophy of Physics Graduate Lunch Seminar (Friday - Week 3, TT21)

philosophy of physics grad lunch seminar

In this thesis, I will evaluate several approaches towards probability in Everettian Quantum Mechanics. I will draw on work by Bacciagaluppi to analyse probability in terms of two distinct categorisations – objective/subjective and ontic/epistemic. In particular, I will appraise the subjectivist accounts and Hoefer’s Humean approach to objective chance to understand what one means by these distinctions. Both approaches to probability vindicate the concerns articulated by Dawid and Thébault that the Deutsch-Wallace theorem is redundant if a meaningful sense of probability can be derived from past statistics alone. Finally, I will defend Wallace’s account of objective chance in which the DW theorem uniquely provides a justification for objective ontic chances.

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Philosophy of Physics Graduate Lunch Seminar Convenor: Caspar Jacobs