The Jowett Society (Week 6, TT18)

Philosophical Society

One of the things we care about as epistemic agents is getting things right. But since we can’t be right all of the time, there are two other things we care about: having our credences be close to the actual truth values (accuracy), and having the propositions we assign a lot of credence to be similar to the true propositions (verisimilitude). Graham Oddie has recently argued that these two values don’t play well together given the sorts of accuracy measures that are typically favored (proper ones). I’m going to argue otherwise.

Jowett Society Organising Committee: Alexander Gilbert, Charlotte Figueroa, Harry Alanen, Jonathan Egid, Kevin Gibbons, Laurenz Casser, Matthew Hewson, Michael Bruckner, Tomi Francis, and Wen Kin San