Workshop: Guilt, Shame, and Regret

Queen's College

Guilt, shame, and regret are all painful “self-consciousness” emotions, commonly directed toward ourselves or the products of our agency. This workshop aims to investigate their nature and role within our capacities for rational and moral self-governance.


Day 1: 2 April

Jordan Mackenzie (joint work with Mike Zhao), “Survivor Guilt,” with comments by Assaf Sharon

Christopher Bennett, “Guilt as an Expressive Emotion,” with comments by Lucy McDonald

Sophie-Grace Chappell, “Agamemnon at Aulis: A Misfiring Example in Williams,” with comments by James Warren

Andreas Carlsson, “A Time for Guilt,” with comments by Maria Alvarez

Oded Na’aman, “Having Done Wrong,” with comments by Michael Brady


Day 2: 3 April

Antti Kauppinen, “Saying Sorry,” with comments by Luke Russell

Nomy Arpaly, “Are There Fitting Emotions?” with comments by Alex Grzankowski

Edward Harcourt, “Guilt, Shame, and the ‘Morality System,’” with comments by James Laing


Organised by Dr Rachel Achs on behalf of the ERC Project: Roots of Responsibility. Registration is required. Please click here for more information and/or to register.