Workshop in Ancient Philosophy (Thursday - Week 1, HT22)

Workshop in Ancient Philosophy

The Ciceronian corpus of philosophical works features a number of first-person speakers who explain how they live their Academic scepticism. Lucullus 65-6 is an interesting instance of this: the Academic way of life is contrasted with that of the dogmatist with reference to an extended allegory from navigation at sea by night. In my paper I will try to elucidate this passage, by considering how navigation by the stars worked in antiquity, to what extent the scholarly and poetic tradition on the night sky reflected these realities, and ultimately what the allegory does and does not illustrate. 

If you would like to go out to dinner with the speaker after the meeting, then please contact the chair of the meeting before Tuesday of that week. The meals of the chair and the speaker are covered by the faculty; others attend at their own expense.

The Seminar will take place in the Ryle Room. Colleagues and students who are unable to attend in person are welcome to join remotely, via Microsoft Teams, by clicking this link. You will be redirected to a page in which you will be prompted to sign in with your Oxford SSO.

Workshop in Ancient Philosophy Convenors: Ursula Coope, Simon Shogry and Luca Castagnoli