Workshop in Ancient Philosophy (Thursday - Week 2, HT19)

Workshop in Ancient Philosophy


I begin by outlining the development of the colour problem in the modern discourse, aiming to show the persistence of the idea that colour is an intrinsic property of the objects, notwithstanding the scientific (albeit counter-intuitive) explanation of it as a subjective impression caused by a certain degree of refraction of light on the surface of the objects. Then I focus on how some Presocratic authors, Plato in the Timaeus, and Aristotle were able to develop the notion of colour as a property of the bodies, that to them was obvious, in terms and ways that remain well worthy of attention


If you would like to join the speaker for dinner after the seminar, please email the chair by Tuesday 22nd January. 

Workshop in Ancient Philosophy Convenors: Prof Ursula Coope, Dr Karen Margrethe Nielsen, and Dr Luca Castagnoli