Workshop in Ancient Philosophy (Thursday - Week 7, HT19)

Workshop in Ancient Philosophy


Speusippus' doctrines have been transmitted to us in a very fragmentary form and we often know very little about the context (problem, debate) in which they were defended. To throw light on his well-known, albeit enigmatic, doctrine that knowing one thing requires to know its differences from all other things (APo APo 2.13. 97a6= F63a Tarán), I will try and connect it with some arguments in the third part of the Theaetetus, which will in turn suggest links with other aspects of Speusippus' epistemology.


If you would like to join the speaker for dinner after the seminar, please email the chair by Tuesday 26th February.

Workshop in Ancient Philosophy Convenors: Prof Ursula Coope, Dr Karen Margrethe Nielsen, and Dr Luca Castagnoli