Workshop in Ancient Philosophy (Week 1, MT18)

Workshop in Ancient Philosophy

In this workshop I shall be discussing Plato’s portrait of the tyrannical character in Republic IX. On the one hand, he is someone who has abandoned all sense of shame; on the other, he is prone to regret. Is there a tension here? And does the existence
of regret mean that he is open to self-criticism and even reform by rational argument? Time-permitting, I shall also compare this passage with a parallel problem in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics IX 4, where the intemperate person is also said to
be prone to regret, despite earlier being said not to feel regret, in contrast to the acratic (VII 8).

Chair: Karen Margrethe

If you would like to join the speaker for dinner after the seminar, please email the chair, Karen Margrethe Nielsen by Tuesday 9th Oct


Workshop in Ancient Philosophy Convenors: Prof Ursula Coope, Dr Karen Margrethe Nielsen, and Dr Luca Castagnoli