Graduate Study Room

Graduate Study Room

The Philosophy Graduate Study Room is accessible through the Humanities Graduate Study Room on the ground floor of the Radcliffe Humanities building.

This room is for the use of philosophy graduates. It provides access to computers, printing and binding facilities, as well as desk space for use with laptops. Entrance to this room is via card and you must be affiliated to Philosophy.

Study Room

Location: Room 555.10.06A, Ground floor, Radcliffe Humanities building, Woodstock Road

Hardware Software


5 PCs



Canon printer/ photocopier / scanner

Ring Binder

Thermal Binder


Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, WinEdt, Photoshop, Internet Explorer


Adobe Acrobat Reader


Textbridge (OCR)


To use the Graduate Study Room (GSR) you need to:

  • Be a Philosophy graduate with a valid university card activated for access to the Radcliffe Humanities building Philosophy areas. This will be automatically set up after your card is activated for the building.
  • Request an account using the online PC Account Creation form here.

Please read the GSR User Guidelines. (WebLearn access required)