Institute for Ethics in AI

The Institute for Ethics in AI brings together world-leading philosophers and other experts in the humanities with the technical developers and users of AI in academia, business and government. The ethics and governance of AI is an exceptionally vibrant area of research at Oxford University, and the Institute is an opportunity to take a bold leap forward from this platform.

The Institute is part of the Philosophy Faculty and will be housed in the Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities at the University of Oxford. It was announced in June 2019 following a donation from Stephen A. Schwarzman and launched in February 2021 with a panel event to discuss AI in a Democratic Culture.

The animating idea of the Institute is that an intellectually deep and rigorous approach to the myriad challenges and opportunities arising from developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) must have a serious grounding in philosophy and the humanities more generally. Two large themes, in particular, stand out as foundational building blocks for the work of the Institute: human rights, which are core ethical norms that protect human dignity, and democracy, which is the mode of political organisation that gives the best expression and effect to human rights, as well as securing other valuable goals, such as peace.


Director: Prof John Tasioulas