John Locke Prize in Mental Philosophy

Arrangements for the John Locke Prize are currently under review, and no examination for the Prize has taken place since 2008.

2008 A. Bacon; Proxime Accesserunt J. Cottrell and D. Egan 
2007 L. Glynn; Proxime Accessit W. Davies 
2006 A. Wilson 
2005 D. Morgan; Proxime Accessit G. Leckie 
2004 A. Gomes; Proxime Accessit S. Kearns 
2003 S. Moss 
2002 Not Awarded; Recognition Awarded to S. Kearns 
2001 Awarded equally to W. Breckenridge and R. Madden. 
2000 Not Awarded; Recognition Awarded to A. Leuenberger, D. Ninan and M. Gerhold.
1999 S. Shuchart and H.G. Stewart 
1998 Not Awarded 
1997 M. Williamson 
1996 G. Healey; Recognition Awarded to A.J.H. Clark, N. Manson and T. Chan 
1995 S. Okasha 
1994 Not Awarded 
1993 Not Awarded 
1992 Not Awarded 
1991 Not Awarded 
1990 Not Awarded 
1989 I.P. Rumfitt 
1988 Not Awarded 
1987 A. Melnyk 
1986 R.P.L. Teichmann 
1985 B.J. Garrett 
1984 S. Grover; Proxime Accesserunt T.W. Child and G.R. Gillett 
1983 G.M.A. Segal 
1982 J.H. Tonkel; Proxime Accessit M.A. Smith 
1981 J.J. Campbell 
1980 J.E. Incigneri and A.W. Moore; Proxime Accessit R. Gay 
1979 Not Awarded 
1978 H.J. White; Proxime Accessit A. Avramides 
1977 F.D. Schier and N.L. Unwin 
1976 T.J.M. Bench-Capon and T.M. Hurka 
1975 G.R. Forbes 
1974 M.E. McGinn; Proxime Accessit M.K. Davies 
1973 C. McGinn; Proxime Accessit I.L. Humberstone; Specially Recommended K.V. Watts 
1972 C.A.B. Peacocke; Proxime Accessit C.E. Roberts 
1971 M. de B. Platts; Proxime Accessit R.J. Delahubty 
1970   Not Awarded
1969 P.F. Snowdon 
1968 P. Röper 
1967 R.C.S. Walker 
1966 T.J. Richards