Alice Evatt

alice evatt

Alice is a Probationary Research Student on the DPhil in the Faculty of Philosophy. Her thesis, 'Value in a Changing World: Relational Value and Climate Change', argues that we need a new way to understand the value of things like nature and cultural practices that are at risk of being altered, damaged and/or destroyed from climate change. Her research is sponsored by the University of Sydney. 

Alice is the project leader for 'Alliance: Humanities & Existential Risk', a University of Oxford podcast, sponsored by TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities) and the Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute. The series focuses on what the humanities can offer to the study and/or mitigation of existential risks. It will interview academics across the humanities, from Philosophy and English Literature to Theology and History on several issues, including (i) artificial intelligence; (ii) nuclear warfare; (iii) climate change; and (iv) pandemics.