Alison Denham

Alison Denham
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The Wanderers: Moral Development at the Margins (In progress, on developmental moral psychology and juvenile justice)

Plato on Art and Beauty: Classic and Contemporary Readings (as contributing editor) Palgrave MacMillan, London 2011 

Metaphor and Moral Experience: an essay in the psychology of value , OUP, 2000 (topic: epistemological issues in ethics and literary aesthetics)

Some recent papers

'The Nature of Nurture: Poverty, Father Absence and Gender Equality', in N. Brando and G. Schweiger (eds.), Philosophy and Child Poverty, Springer Publishing, 2019

'Making Sorrow Sweet: Emotion and Empathy in the Experience of Fiction', in A. Houen (ed.), Affects and Literature, Cambridge University Press, 2019

'Empathy and Moral Motivation', in H. Maibom (ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Empathy, 2017

'Fragments of Agency: dissociative identity disorder and moral responsibility', with F. Worrell in  D. Mosely and G. Gala (eds.),  Philosophy and Psychiatry, Routledge, 2015

'Tragedy Without the Gods: autonomy, necessity and the real self',  British Journal of Aesthetics, 2014 

‘Celan's Psalm: Poetry and Ethical Transfiguration’, in  J. Gibson (ed.), Philosophy & Poetry, Oxford University Press, 2013

‘Identity, Agency & Tragedy in Mulholland Drive’, in The Philosophy of Film: David Lynch’, ed. Z. Gianoppolous, Routledge Keegan Paul, 2013

‘Schopenhauer and Nietzsche on Aesthetic Transfiguration’, in D. Came (ed.) Nietzsche on Art, Oxford University Press, 2013 

‘Plato on Art & Beauty’, Editor’s Introduction to Plato on Art & Beauty, Palgrave MacMillan, 2011

‘Psychopathy, Empathy & Moral Motivation’, in J.Broakes (ed.), Iris Murdoch, Philosopher, Oxford University Press, 2011

'The Future of Tonality', British Journal of Aesthetics, 2009

‘Varieties of Explanation: a Memoir of Patrick Gardiner’, Proceedings of the British Academy, 2007

‘Psychopathy and the Genesis of Basic Moral Judgments’, website publication, 2006

‘Envisaging the Good: Iris Murdoch’s Psychology of Value’ in Modern Fiction Studies: Special Issue on Iris Murdoch, Autumn, 2002