Andreas Mogensen

Andreas Mogensen


2019 Senior Research Fellow, Global Priorities Institute, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford
2015 - 2019 Tutorial Fellow, Jesus College, University of Oxford; Associate Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford
2010 - 2015 Fellow by Examination, All Souls College, University of Oxford



2010 - 2014 D.Phil in Philosophy, University of Oxford
2008 - 2010 B. Phil in Philosophy, University of Oxford
2005 - 2008 B.A. (Hons) in Philosophy, University of Cambridge

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“Racial profiling and cumulative injustice” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research


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“Contingency anxiety and the epistemology of disagreement” Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 97, 590-611.
“Evolutionary debunking arguments and the proximate/ultimate distinction” 


Ethics, Epistemology, Political Philosophy, Decision Theory.