Anita Avramides

Anita Avramides
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D. Phil, Somerville and The Queen’s Colleges, Oxford 
(My D. Phil. Supervisor was John McDowell)
M. Phil. University College, London 
BA, Oberlin College

Posts Held

Southover Manor Trust Fellow in Philosophy, St Hilda’s College Oxford 
Full time Lecturer, Queen’s College, Oxford 
Visiting Lecturer, Bedford College, London 
Also, part-time Lectureships at Balliol College, Exeter College and Oriel College, Oxford


Dr Avramides has served as Junior Proctor for Oxford University, and has been a member of a range of University Committees. She has served on the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Philosophy, as well as many other Faculty Committees. 


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“Dummett: The Logical Basis of Metaphysics”, a contribution to a special issue of Philosophical Topics (Summer 2014) devoted to discussing The Making of Modern Metaphysics, by A.W. Moore

“Abiding Intentions”, Essays in Honour of Stephen Schiffer, ed. G. Ostertag (MIT); “Wittgenstein and Ordinary Language Philosophy”, Blackwell Companion to Wittgenstein, eds. J. Hyman and Hans Johann Glock


Dr Avramides has published work in the philosophy of language and the philosophy of mind. Her most recent research has been on the question of our knowledge of other minds. This question lies at the intersection of issues in the philosophy of mind, epistemology and metaphysics, and she has pursued her research accordingly. She has recently been interested in assessing the suggestion that we know other minds through perception. Overall, she is concerned to defend the idea that the 'problem' of other minds is conceptual, rather than epistemological.

Dr Avramides has had a long and varied teaching career, teaching a wide range of undergraduate courses including the philosophy of mind, the history of philosophy, epistemology, and moral philosophy.