Ben Page

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2021 - Present     Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy, Oriel College, University of Oxford.
2020 - Present   Stipendiary Lecturer (Career Development) in Philosophy, Pembroke College, University of Oxford.
2018 - 2020 Part-time Philosophy Tutor, Durham University.
2017 - 2019 PhD Philosophy, Durham University (University College). ‘Applications of a Neo-Aristotelian metaphysics of powers in the domain of Philosophy of Religion’.
2015 - 2017 MPhil Philosophical Theology, University of Oxford (St Catherine's College). ‘God and the Metaphysics of Creaturely Moral Action’.
2012 - 2015 BA Philosophy and Theology (First Class), University of Oxford (Harris Manchester College).


Forthcoming 'Power-ing up Neo-Aristotelian Natural Goodness', Philosophical Studies, 1-21.  
2021 ‘Inaugurated Hyperspace', Theologica 5, 1-21.
2020 ‘Arguing to Theism from Consciousness’, Faith and Philosophy 37:336-362.
2020 ‘If anyone is in Christ – new creation!’, Religious Studies 56:525-541.
2020 ‘Meeting the Evil God challenge’ (co-authored with Max Baker-Hytch), Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 101:489-514.
2019 ‘Wherein lies the debate? – Concerning whether God is a person’, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 85:297-317.
2018 ‘Fine-Tuned of Necessity?’, Res Philosophica 95:65-94.
2018 ‘Dis-Positioning Euthyphro’, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 84:31-55.
2017 ‘Thomas Aquinas, “the Greatest Advocate of Dispositional Modality”, Fact or Fiction?’, Studia Neoaristotelica 14:167-188.
2017 ‘The ‘Power’-ful Trinity’,  European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 9:87-112.
2016 ‘Aquinas on Forms, Substances and Artifacts’  (co-authored with Anna Marmodoro), Vivarium 54:1-21.
2015 ‘The Dispositionalist Deity: How God Creates Laws And Why Theists  Should Care’, Zygon: Journal of Science and Religion 50:113-137.




I am a philosopher with wide research interests, and as such have worked and I am working on a number of different areas in philosophy. However, I have particular interests as to how philosophy of religion interacts with and incorporates other areas of philosophy within its reasoning. I also have strong interests in Neo-Aristotelian approaches to metaphysics, particularly the metaphysics of dispositions/powers, and how this metaphysics can inform other areas of philosophy.

I have taught various undergraduate papers for Pembroke, Oriel, and other Oxford colleges, such as: Knowledge and Reality, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (in translation), Practical Ethics, Early Modern Philosophy, Plato's Republic (in translation), Moral Philosophy, and Philosophy of Science (supplementary subject).