Brian D. Earp

brian earp
2022 Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford
2021 Ph.D. in Philosophy and Psychology from Yale University
2015 Presidential Scholar in Bioethics, The Hastings Center
2014 M.Phil. in History and Philosophy of Science from Cambridge University
2011 M.Sc. in Experimental Psychology from University of Oxford
2010 B.A. in Cognitive Science with distinction from Yale University


Earp, B. D., Chambers, C., & Watson, L. (Eds.) (2022). The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Sex and Sexuality. Abingdon and New York: Routledge.
Earp, B. D., McLoughlin, K. L., Monrad, J. T., Clark, M. S., & Crockett, M. J. (2021). How social relationships shape moral wrongness judgments. Nature Communications, 12(5776), 1-13.
Earp, B. D., Lewis, J., Hart, C. L., & Bioethicists and Allied Professionals for Drug Policy Reform (2021). Racial justice requires ending the war on drugs. American Journal of Bioethics, 21(4), 4-19.
Earp, B. D. (2021). Male or female genital cutting: why “health benefits” are morally irrelevant. Journal of Medical Ethics, 47(12:e92), 1-10.
Earp, B. D., & Savulescu, J. (2020). Love Drugs: The Chemical Future of Relationships. Stanford, CA: Redwood Press (imprint of Stanford University Press). [Published in the UK by Manchester University Press as Love Is the Drug: The Chemical Future of Our Relationships.]



Philosophy of love, sex, sexuality, and gender; philosophy of technology and human enhancement; philosophy and sociology of science and medicine; openness and reproducibility in empirical research; bodily integrity and children's rights; experimental bioethics and personal identity; relationally-situated moral psychology; drug policy including psychedelics