Hazem Zohny

Hazem Zohny
Area of Specialisation:

Dec 2017 – Present: Research Fellow in Bioprediction and Bioethics at The Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics.

2014-2017 PhD in Bioethics, University of Otago.

2010-2012 MSc in Science, The Open University.

2003-2005 B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology, The  University of Sydney.

Zohny, H. (2017) Competition, cooperation, and human flourishing. Journal of Medical Ethics. [Invited commentary.]

Zohny, H. (2016). Enhancement, Disability, and the Riddle of the Relevant Circumstances. Journal of Medical Ethics 42(9), 605-610.

Zohny, H. (2015). The Myth of Cognitive Enhancement Drugs. Neuroethics, 8(3), 257-269.

Zohny, H. (2014). A Defence of the Welfarist Account of Enhancement. Performance Enhancement & Health, 3(3), 123-129.



Ethics of bio predicting behaviour and the use of neuro interventions for crime prevention. Also interested in questions related to moral responsibility, well-being, and global justice.