Janet Radcliffe-Richards

Janet Radcliffe-Richards

Janet Radcliffe-Richards is Professor of Practical Philosophy at the University of Oxford, and Fellow, Distinguished Research Fellow and Consultant at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics.  Formerly she was Lecturer in Philosophy at the Open University, and then Director of the Centre for Bioethics at the medical school at University College London.

She does a good deal of media work, and her latest book originated many years ago in a short newspaper article which was picked up by transplant surgeons.  Since then she has been a frequent speaker at transplant conferences around the world.  She delivered the Oxford Uehiro Lectures Sex in a Shifting Landscape in Michaelmas term, November 2012 (details here), and is currently preparing them for publication.

Janet Radcliffe-Richards is the author of The Sceptical Feminist (1980), Philosophical Problems of Equality (1995), Human Nature after Darwin (2000) and The Ethics of Transplants: why careless thought costs lives(Oxford University Press, March 2012).

Selected papers are available on Academia.edu

Janet Radcliffe-Richards is a philosopher who originally specialized in metaphysics and philosophy of science, but has now for many years concentrated on the practical applications of philosophy.