Joanna Demaree-Cotton

joanna demaree cotto
2015-2021 PhD in Philosophy, Yale University (Dissertation title: "The Philosophy and Psychology of Consent.")
2013-2015 B.Phil in Philosophy, University of Oxford 
2010-2013 B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology, University of Oxford


Demaree-Cotton, J., & Sommers, R. (2022). Autonomy and the Folk Concept of Consent. Cognition, 224, 105065, DOI: 10.1016/j.cognition.2022.105065.
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Demaree-Cotton, J. (2016). “Do Framing Effects Make Moral Intuitions Unreliable?” Philosophical Psychology, 29, 1-22.



My research interests fall broadly within the following areas: - Moral Psychology - Ethics and Moral Philosophy - Experimental Philosophy - Philosophy of Psychology and Cognitive Science I'm especially interested in various questions at the intersection of ethics and psychology. My research is interdisciplinary, and I use analytic philosophy and empirical methods to investigate the psychological underpinnings of moral judgments, moral concepts, and moral agency, and to explore the implications of this for normative questions in ethics. Topics include the ethics of consent; moral responsibility; debunking and moral epistemology; moral intuition and metaphilosophy; moral decision-making; and others.