Jonny McIntosh

jonathon mcintosh
MPhil Philosophy, UCL
MA Philosophy, Birkbeck
BA Mathematics & Philosophy, Oxford


(2020) ‘How to Understand the Knowledge Norm of Assertion’ in Thought 12(4), pp. 207–14.


I work on foundational issues in semantics and the philosophy of language concerning the relationship between the meanings of sentences and what we use them to say as well as related issues in the history of philosophy, epistemology, ethics, metaphysics, and the philosophy of mind and cognitive science.


I teach a broad range of undergraduate papers: General Philosophy, Introduction to Logic, Mill's Utilitarianism, and Frege's Foundations of Arithmetic for first years and Early Modern Philosophy, Knowledge & Reality, Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Logic & Language, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, and Philosophical Logic for finalists.