Lucius Caviola

lucius caviola
Area of Specialisation:

2019-2023: Postdoc at Harvard University

2022-2023: Visiting Scholar at New York University

2015-2019: DPhil in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford

2014-2015: MSc in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford

2010-2013: BSc in Psychology from the University of Basel

Selected Publications:

Caviola, L., & Greene, J. D. (2023). Boosting the impact of charitable giving with donation bundling and micromatching. Science Advances, 9(3), eade7987.
Caviola, L., Schubert, S., & Greene, J. D. (2021). The psychology of (in) effective altruism. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 25(7), 596-607.
Caviola, L., Althaus, D., Mogensen, A. L., & Goodwin, G. P. (2022). Population ethical intuitions. Cognition, 218, 104941.
Kahane, G., & Caviola, L. (2023). Are the folk utilitarian about animals?. Philosophical Studies, 180(4), 1081-1103.
Wilks, M., Caviola, L., Kahane, G., & Bloom, P. (2021). Children prioritize humans over animals less than adults do. Psychological Science, 32(1), 27-38.
Caviola, L., Everett, J. A., & Faber, N. S. (2019). The moral standing of animals: Towards a psychology of speciesism. Journal of personality and social psychology, 116(6), 1011.


I study decision-making within pro-social contexts, such as charitable giving, moral circle expansion, and societal risk reduction. My research aims to uncover the psychological barriers that hinder societal welfare improvement and to develop practical interventions.