Terence Irwin

Terry Irwin
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2007  University of Oxford, Professor of Ancient Philosophy
1975 - present Cornell University, Associate Professor (1975), Professor (1982), Susan Linn Sage Professor of Philosophy (1995), Professor of Classics (1995), Emeritus (2008)
1975 - 1982 Cornell University, Associate Professor of Philosophy
1972 - 1995   Harvard University, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Classics
2010 British Academy Fellow
1973 Princeton University, PhD
1969 Magdalen College, Oxford, Literae Humaniores (Class 1)


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    vol. 2 (Suarez to Rousseau), OUP, July 2008. 
    vol. 3 (Kant to Rawls), OUP, September 2009
    3 vols. Paperback, 2011
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  4. Plato's Ethics . Oxford UP, 1995.
  5. Aristotle : Selections (with G. Fine), translation and notes, Hackett , 1995. 


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