Tobias Reinhardt

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Area of Specialisation:
2008 - present Corpus Christi Professor of the Latin Language and Literature, University of Oxford
2002 - 2008

Fellow and Tutor in Latin and Greek, Somerville College 

University Lecturer in Classical Languages and Literature (CUF), University of Oxford

2001 - 2002 Junior Research Fellow in Ancient Philosophy , Merton College, Oxford
1997 - 2000

D.Phil. in Classical Philology, Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

Title: A commentary on Cicero's Topica. 

1991 - 1997 Staatsexamen in Latin and Greek, Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main


'To see and to be seen: on vision and perception in Lucretius and Cicero', in: K. Volk, G. Williams (edd.) Roman Reflections: Essays on Latin Philosophy (New York, 2015), 63-90.
'On Endoxa in Aristotle's Topics', in: Rheinisches Museum für Philologie 158 (2015), 225-246.
'Cicero and Augustine on Grasping the Truth', in: G.M. Müller, F.M. Zini (edd.) Philosophie in Rom - Römische Philosophie? Kultur-, literatur- und philosophie-geschichtliche Aspekte (Berlin & New York, 2017), 305-23.
'Antiochus of Ascalon on Epistemology in the Academic tradition', in: C. Lévy, J.B. Guillaumin (edd.) Plato Latinus - Actes de Diatribai di Gargnano (Turnhout, 2018), 31-67.
'Pithana and Probabilia in Sextus and Cicero', in: T. Bénatouïl, K. Ierodiakonou (edd.) Dialectic after Plato and Aristotle, Proceedings of the XIIIth Symposium Hellenisticum (Cambridge, 2018), 218-53.
'Linguistic Naturalism in Cicero's Academica', in: G. Pezzini, B. Taylor (edd.) Language and Nature in the Classical Roman World (Cambridge, 2019), 153-70.


  • Hellenistic and Roman Philosophy
  • Aristotle
  • Latin textual criticism 
  • Latin literature

I mostly teach graduates for the Faculty of Classics.