Algorithmic bias

Futuremakers discussion on algorithmic bias, with Sandra Wachter, Helena Webb, Brent Mittelstadt

Futuremakers discussion on AI and gender, with Gina Neff, Carissa Véliz, Sian Brooke

Automation and employment

Capital, Labour, and Power in the Age of Automation’, Carl Benedikt Frey

Futuremakers discussion on automation of jobs, with Mike Osborne, Judy Stephenson, David Clifton

Autonomy and AI

Autonomy, ethics, and AI’, Carina Prunkl

Ethics, AI, Corporations, and Finance

AI and Finance’, Nir Vulkan:

AI and Business’, Alan Morrison:

Futuremakers discussion on AI and banking, with Steve Roberts, Nir Vulkan, Jannes Klaas

Ethics in AI and Covid-19

'Covid Conversations: COVID-19 contact tracing with apps', with Christophe Fraser, Michael Parker

Existential risk

Futuremakers discussion on AI and the future of humanity, with Allan Dafoe, Mike Osborne, Jade Leung

Healthcare and AI

Ethics of AI in healthcare’, Jess Morley

Ethics, AI, and the Use of Data in Medical Imaging’, Claire Bloomfield

Population Health and AI’, Angeliki Kerasidou

Futuremakers discussion on AI and health, with Alison Noble, Paul Leeson, and Jess Morley

Legal and Policy issues

Values and AI: A View From Public Policy’, Jo Wolff and Vafa Ghazavi

When AI Disrupts the Law’, Sandra Wachter

Reuniting Ethics and the Law’, Brent Mittelstadt

AI Governance and Ethics’, Allan Dafoe

News and Propaganda

Computational propaganda’, Vidya Narayanan

AI and the News’, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

Futuremakers discussion on finding the truth, with Rasmus Nielsen, Vidya Narayanan, Mimie Liotsiou

Social Context of AI

Use, users, and the social context for AI’, Gina Neff