The 27th Oxford Graduate Philosophy Conference


 The 27th Annual Oxford Philosophy Graduate Conference, will be held on the 11th-12th November 2023 at the University of Oxford.

This highly anticipated event enjoys a reputation for being one of the most prestigious philosophy conferences at graduate level in the world. 

We are also delighted to be able to announce our three keynote speakers at this year’s conference:  

Julia Driver (Austin/ St. Andrews)
Cécile Fabre (Oxford)
Crispin Wright (Stirling)

Venue: The Radcliffe Humanities Building, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter.  Woodstock Road Oxford OX2 6GG

For a full program see below.

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SATURDAY 11th November

9-9.30 Breakfast and registration

9.30-10.25 Joel Joseph (St Andrews) 'Eliminative Harming Without Intentions'

Response: Jeff McMahan

10.30-11.20 Adrian W. Moore (Co-Editor of Mind) Publishing Workshop

15 mins tea and coffee break

11.35-12.45 Julia Driver (UT Austin / St Andrews) 'It's Understandable'

12.45-13.45 Lunch

13.45-14.40 Subin Park (UC San Diego) 'Can Crafts Be Misused? Craft in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics'

Response: Karen Margrethe Nielsen

14.45-15.40 Emma Emrich (Fordham University) 'Teleological Unity Among Plurality: Richard of Mediavilla and the Plurality of Substantial Form Debate'

Response: Cecilia Trifogli

15 mins tea and coffee break

15.55-16.50 Christabel Cane (UCL) 'The Problems of Temporarily Held Properties'

Response: Nick Jones

16.55-17.50 Frederik J. Andersen (St Andrews) 'Countering Justification Holism in the Epistemology of Logic: The Argument from Pre-Theoretic Universality'

Response: Timothy Williamson

15 mins tea and coffee break

18.05-19.15 Crispin Wright (Stirling) 'The Sceptic and the dogmatist (small 'd')'

19.40-22.00 Dinner

SUNDAY 12th November 2023

9-9.30 Breakfast and registration

9.30-10.25 Brett Park (Pittsburgh) 'Causation Beyond Manipulation'

Response: Christopher Timpson

10.30-11.25 Ruodan Que (KCL) 'Bringing Explanation and Grounding Together: An Investigation into Metaphysical Explanation, Grounding, and Explanation Tout Court'

Response: Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra

15 mins tea and coffee break

11.40-12.35 Tobias Sandoval (UT Austin) 'Is the Content of Episodic Memory Propositional?'

Response: Bernhard Salow

12.35-13.30 Lunch

13.30-14.25 Levin Güver (UCL) 'The Unity of Motive'

Response: Grant Lamond

14.30-15.25 Jordan Scott (Rutgers) 'The Implications of Racist Perception'

Response: Cécile Fabre

15 mins tea and coffee break

15.40-16.35 Katherine Crone (St Andrews) 'The Fitting Resolution of Anger in Unconditional Forgiveness'

Response: Julia Driver

16.40-17.50 Cécile Fabre (Oxford) 'The Expressive Duty to Vote'

17.50-19 Wine Reception

Unfortunately we are currently fully booked, but we are looking to open up some more spaces. Please feel free to fill out your details below to join the waiting list and we will be in touch if more spaces become available.

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