Metaphysics of Consciousness Seminar

This page is for those attending the Oxford Metaphysics of Consciousness Seminar, which will be hosted online during Trinity Term (2021). Meetings will take place on Monday afternoons via Zoom (UK standard time). The link for each meeting will be sent ahead of time to registered participants. Please be aware: the timings for the meetings will vary from week to week, so please take a note of the schedule. All of those wishing to attend should email one of the convenors below in order to register attendance. 

Metaphysics of Consciousness Seminar convenors:  Alex Moran and Umut Baysan | Seminar Series Website  

Past Terms

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Week 1 (18th January)

Philip Goff (Durham)

'Panpsychism and Robust Value Realism'

Week 2 (25th January)   

Jonathan Schaffer (Rutgers University)

'Naturalistic Dualism and the Problem of the Physical Correlate'

Week 3 (1st February)

Angela Mendelovici (Western Ontario)

'Radical Internalism'

Week 4 (8th February)  

Ralf Bader (Université de Fribourg)

'Grounding, Reduction, and Consciousness'

Week 5 (15th February)  

Barbara Montero (New York)

'Goodbye Supervenience'

Week 6 (22nd February)    

Tim Crane (Vienna)

'The Zombie Hypothesis as a Sceptical Hypothesis'

Week 7 (1st March)

Amy Kind (Claremont McKenna College)

'The Significance of Non-Empirical Questions'

Week 8 (8th March) 

Adam Pautz (Brown University)

'The Significance Argument for the Irreducibility of Consciousness'

Week 9 (15th March)

Mark Johnston (Princeton University)

'Are Qualia Mental Properties?'