Oxford Philosophy Graduate Conference

The University of Oxford's Annual Graduate Philosophy Conference enjoys a deserved reputation as one of the most prestigious philosophy conferences at a graduate level in the United Kingdom

The next conference is scheduled to take place on the 11th and 12th of November 2023. A call-for-papers has been announced as well as our three keynote speakers. Please see this page for more information and updates.


Q: Where will the conference be held?
A: At the University of Oxford.

Q: Can I go above the word limit?
A: Only submissions that are strictly no more than 4000 words will be considered. This word limit is inclusive of the title and footnotes, but not the bibliography.

Q: Is the abstract included in the 4000 word limit?
A: No, the abstract is not included in this word limit, but should itself be 500 words or under (this count includes footnotes). Please try to make your abstract as detailed as possible, within this limit.

Q: Will you provide funding for transportation and accommodation for graduate speakers?
A: We hope to be able to offer some financial support to attendees to cover travel, subsistence and accomodation costs associated with attending the conference. We cannot confirm at this stage as it depends on sponsorship. Succesful candidates will be informed nearer the time. 

Q: Can I participate as an undergraduate?
A: Paper submissions are only open to current postgraduates in philosophy.

Q: I am currently enrolled in a graduate programme, but will be graduating before the time of the conference. Can I still participate?
A: Submissions are open only to those who will be postgraduates at the time of the conference.

Q: I am graduating soon, but will have started my next course before the conference. Is it still possible to submit a paper?
A: Yes, we accept submissions from all students who will be enrolled in a post-graduate course at the time of the conference.

Q: I co-authored a paper with somebody who will not be enrolled in a post-graduate course at the time of the conference. Can I still submit that paper?
A: Yes, we accept submissions by post-graduates co-authored with somebody who is not a grad student. However, please note that only you (and not your coauthor) can present at the conference.

Q: Am I eligible to submit a paper if I am a postgraduate student who does not work at a philosophy faculty?
A: Yes, we accept any postgraduate submissions which have a philosophical focus and engage with philosophical debates. We do not accept submissions from students of other Oxford faculties.

Q: Can I submit several papers?
A: Only one submission per person will be considered.

Q: What are your selection criteria?
A: Among the criteria we consider in reviewing submissions are (this is not an exhaustive list): (i) quality of abstract; (ii) originality of the argument, (iii) quality of the argument, (iv) area coverage, and (v) diversity of attendees.

Please note: Due to the large number of submissions, we will be reviewing in multiple rounds. Reviewers will make an initial cut based on criteria (i) and (iv). We therefore recommend that applicants sufficiently focus on their abstract in preparing their submission.

The conference is hosted and organised by current philosophy graduate students at the University of Oxford:

Elisabetta Sassarini, Jesus College

Mattia Cecchinato, Jesus College

Daniel Rowe

Patrick Williamson, Balliol College

James Glover, St John's College

Jonathan Krude, Corpus Christi College

Milan Hartwig, New College

Submission details:

The submission deadline is Sunday 28th May 2023, 11pm GMT.

All papers should be submitted to gradconf@philosophy.ox.ac.uk with the subject: 'Submission for Gradconf 2023'.

You are asked to submit three attachments:

(1) a cover letter with your name, your institutional affiliation, the title of your paper, and its wordcount (including footnotes, excluding references);

(2) an abstract of no more than 500 words;

(3) the main paper which should be of no more than 4,000 words (including footnotes, excluding references) and suitable for a 30-40 min presentation, prepared for blind-review, be in pdf format, and contain no information identifying the author or their institutional affiliation.

If you identify as part of a group that is underrepresented in philosophy, please indicate so in your email (this is not mandatory).

All submissions will undergo a blind-review process.

If you have any questions feel free to email gradconf@philosophy.ox.ac.uk

We look forward to receiving your submission.


We are in the process of reaching out to potential sponsoring organisations. We hope to be able to offer some financial support to attendees to cover travel, subsistence and accomodation costs associated with attending the conference. Upon securing sponsorship, we will be in touch with successful applicants to discuss the details of this financial support.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please email gradconf@philosophy.ox.ac.uk

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Talks from the 24th conference can be found here on our YouTube channel.

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