Gustav Alexandrie

gustav alexandrie
Area of Specialisation:
2021 MSc in Economics from London School of Economics
2019 MA in Philosophy from Stockholm University
2019 BSc in Economics from Stockholm University



My main research interests are in decision theory, social choice, welfare economics, environmental/agricultural/population economics.



Alexandrie, Gustav (2023). Two impossibility results for social choice under individual indifference intransitivity. Social Choice and Welfare 61:919–936.
Alexandrie, Gustav (forthcoming). Must Prioritarians Be Antiegalitarian? Economics and Philosophy.
Alexandrie, Gustav & Eden, Maya (forthcoming). Is Extinction Risk Mitigation Uniquely Cost-Effective? Not in Standard Population Models. In Jacob Barrett, Hilary Greaves & David Thorstad (eds.), Essays on Longtermism. Oxford: Oxford University Press.