Max Baker-Hytch

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I received my DPhil in Philosophy from Oxford University in 2014, and went on to hold two postdoctoral research fellowships, one at Oxford (2014-15) and one at the University of Notre Dame (2015-16), before taking up my current position in Michaelmas of 2016.


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My research interests lie mainly at the intersection of analytic epistemology and philosophy of religion. I'm particularly interested in questions regarding the aetiology of moral and religious beliefs and the epistemic significance thereof. I'm currently working on a monograph that considers the trade-offs that would be involved in God's choice of a world to create, particularly as these trade-offs bear upon the problems of evil and divine hiddenness.


I regularly teach tutorials for the Prelims paper General Philosophy and for the following Final Honours School papers: Philosophy of Religion (107), Knowledge and Reality (102), and Analytic Philosophy and Christian Theology (3203).