Umut Baysan

umut baysan
I am a Lecturer in Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy and Merton College, University of Oxford. Previously, I had a similar position at St Anne's College, Oxford, and before that I worked as a University Teacher and a Postdoctoral Researcher in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. My PhD is also from the University of Glasgow.


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I specialise in philosophy of mind and metaphysics. Some of the questions that keep me busy are: What is an epiphenomenal property? Are mental and other higher-level properties epiphenomenal? What is it for a property to be multiply realized by other properties? How should we understand emergence? Are higher-level properties multiply realized? Are they emergent? What is the relationship between properties, causal powers, and laws of nature?

In Oxford, I teach lectures for the Faculty of Philosophy (including: graduate classes on Emergence; undergraduate lectures in Philosophy of Mind and Practical Ethics), teach tutorials in Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Knowledge & Reality (Epistemology & Metaphysics), Practical Ethics, General Philosophy (1st year introduction), Moral Philosophy at St Anne's College (2017-2019) and Merton College (2019 onward), and offer graduate supervision primarily in Philosophy of Mind and Metaphysics.