Digest Week 3 Michaelmas Term 2020

MT20, Week 3 (25th - 31st October)

If you have entries for the weekly Digest, please send information to admin@philosophy.ox.ac.uk by midday, Wednesday the week before the event. 

Unless otherwise stated, all events will take place online.

Notices - other Philosophy events, including those taking place elsewhere in the university and beyond

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St John’s Interdisciplinary Psychoanalysis Seminar | 8:15 | Online

The first of two linked seminars (Oct 26 and Nov 23) on Raymond Williams’s ‘Structures of Feeling’ will be available to view online from 8.15 pm on Monday October 26, for 7 days. The link will be sent by email that day. To receive the link please email paul.tod@sjc.ox.ac.uk. For details see oxfordpsychoanalysis.blogspot.com.

Seminar on Hans Blumenberg | 17:00 | https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89764748793 

Speaker: Leif Weatherby (NYU) | Illegitimate Intelligence: Hans Blumenberg and AI 

Plato Reading Group | 14:00–16:00 | Online

This term, we continue reading the Theaetetus. At the start of the term, we were at 168c5; the specific section of the week is sent around by email in advance. Each session is led by a person appointed in the preceding session, preparing the translation of the agreed-upon section of the text especially diligently. The sessions consist in the presenter’s translation of the passage and discussion of whatever interesting or uncertain point that arises, whenever it arises. We use the Greek text (OCT) as the basis for our discussion, and everybody should have prepared the week’s section in advance. People who do not know Greek or are just starting to learn it are welcome to attend. 

If you want to be included in the email list, please subscribe here.

For more information please email hermann.koerner@philosophy.ox.ac.uk.

Transitional Justice and Corporate Accountability from Below - Deploying Archimedes' Lever | 17:00-18:30 | Online via Zoom

Speakers: Leigh Payne (Oxford), Gabriel Pereira (Tucumán), Laura Bernal-Bermúdez (Bogota)

The events will be held via the online platform Zoom and will require prior registration. For further details on how to register and join the webinars, please watch this space and visit our events webpage - the latter will be updated regularly.


Africana Philosophy discussion group | 17:00 | Online

Speaker: Samuel Imbo - Africana oral traditions

Visit our facebook page for the zoom links or our website to sign up to our mailing list.


Censorship’s Implications for Artificial Intelligence | 17:00-18:15 | Register Here

Speakers: Margaret Roberts & Jeffrey Ding

The OxTalks link for the event is: https://talks.ox.ac.uk/talks/id/f3425b02-0209-4a56-98e1-b4a316624bad/


Oxford Mathematics Online Public Lecture | 17:00-18:00 | Online

Speaker: David Sumpter - How Learning Ten Equations Can Improve Your Life

Is there a secret formula for becoming rich? Or for happiness? Or for becoming popular? Or for self-confidence and good judgement? David Sumpter answer these questions with an emphatic ‘Yes!' All you need are The Ten Equations. 

In this lecture David will reveal three of these: the confidence equation that helps gamblers know when they have a winning strategy; the influencer equation that shapes our social interactions; and the learning equation that YouTube used to get us addicted to their videos. A small group of mathematicians have used these equations to revolutionise our world. Now you can use them too to better manage your time and make money, have a more balanced approach to your popularity and even to become a nicer person.

David Sumpter is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Uppsala, Sweden.

Watch live (no need to register):

Oxford Mathematics Twitter

Oxford Mathematics Facebook

Oxford Mathematics Livestream

Oxford Mathematics YouTube


Hegel Reading Group | The Phenomenology of Spirit | 18:00-19:30 | Online

The Hegel Reading Group meets by Skype on Wednesdays 18.00-19.30. New readers are welcome.

We are reading 'The Phenomenology of Spirit' (any translation), this week paras 452-462. Please contact louise.braddock@philosophy.ox.ac.uk for the Skype link.

Bioethics and the Public | 10:00-13:00 | Online Graduate Discussion Meeting

This event is an opportunity for students in ethics, practical ethics, medical ethics, and other related areas to discuss, network, and learn about public engagement and public involvement strategies at the University of Oxford. Presenters will discuss current efforts across disciplines, and panel-audience discussion sessions will allow students to develop and share their own ideas about how their work may benefit from public engagement or public involvement.

For more details and registration, see our eventbrite page or our Oxford Talks page.

Oxford Philosophy, Law, and Politics (PLP, formerly Byrne) Seminar for Students| 14:00-16:00 | Online

Seminar with Ruth Chang on Miranda Fricker

If you wish to attend please email oxfordplpevents@gmail.com 


Oxford Wittgenstein Reading Group | 17:00 - 18:30 | Online via Zoom

See http://wrgoxford.blogspot.com for details of how to join / what text we’re discussing.


''Consciousness and Fear'' Seminar | 18:00 | Online via Zoom 

Speaker: Dr. Hakwan Lau (University of California, Los Angeles)

Details of the talk (including abstract) are posted to Oxford Talks

Join Zoom Meeting | Meeting ID: 842 1076 1432 | Passcode: 993279

YouTube livestream: https://youtu.be/EGiteNhuOEg 


Algoshambles: Big Data as Forces of Oppression & Liberation | 19:00-20:00 | Facebook event

Join us for an online panel discussion with this incredible line up of speakers on their ideas for progressive change: 

Dr Lauren Klein: Author of “Data Feminism” and Associate Professor, Departments of English and Quantitative Theory and Methods, Emory University
Prof. John Naughton: Technology Columnist in the Observer and Senior Research Fellow, CRASSH, University of Cambridge
Dr Peaks Krafft: Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford
Christian Schroeder de Witt: Postgraduate Researcher in AI, University of Oxford and Candidate for Holywell Ward, Green Party

You can register here.

Oxford Philosophy, Law, and Politics (PLP, formerly Byrne) Colloquium | 15:00-17:00 | Online via Zoom

Alison Hills (Philosophy) engages with Miranda Fricker (CUNY)

PLP is a new interdisciplinary colloquium series that brings together theorists from philosophy, politics, law, and beyond to discuss works-in-progress by distinguished visiting scholars. The day before each Colloquium, we also organise an accompanying student seminar, during which Prof Ruth Chang discusses that session's paper with students. For more information, see here

If you wish to attend please email oxfordplpevents@gmail.com 


Alternative Curricula discussion group | 17:30 | Online

Speaker: Dr Robtel Neajai Pailey (LSE): Race in/and Development 

You're warmly invited to join Alternative Curricula, a discussion group set up to explore decolonial & postcolonial theory. Anyone from any background is welcome. Our termcard can be found at https://tinyurl.com/altcurricula. No familiarity with the topic is required; we are all learning from one another as we go. 

For more details and a link to join the conversation, sign up to the Alternative Curricula mailing list at altcurricula@gmail.com

Further information can be found at https://tinyurl.com/altcurricula.


The Digital Ape: Being Human in the Age of AI | 17:30-19:00 | Online via Zoom

Speaker: Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt

Join Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt, co-founder with Sir Tim Berners-Lee of the Open Data Institute, Principal of Jesus College, as he explores how humanity’s relationship with AI technology is evolving in the first decades of the 21st century.

This event is free and open to all. It will be hosted by Mansfield Principal, Helen Mountfield QC. More details can be found at https://www.mansfield.ox.ac.uk/mansfield-college-public-talks. Sign-up here.