Digest Week 6 Michaelmas Term 2020

MT20, Week 6 (15th - 21st November)

If you have entries for the weekly Digest, please send information to admin@philosophy.ox.ac.uk by midday, Wednesday the week before the event. 

Unless otherwise stated, all events will take place online.

Notices - other Philosophy events, including those taking place elsewhere in the university and beyond

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Mass Incarceration Reading Group | 17:00-18:00 | Online

Contact tena.thau@philosophy.ox.ac.uk for meeting link and to be added to the mailing list.

Hallando a los Nuestros - Participation and the UN Guiding Principles on the Search for Disappeared Persons | 13:00-14:30 | Online via Zoom

Speaker: Cath Collins (Transitional Justice Institute, Ulster University)

The event will be held via the online platform Zoom and will require prior registration. For further details on how to register and join the webinars, please watch this space and visit our events webpage - the latter will be updated regularly.


Plato Reading Group | 14:00–16:00 | Online

This term, we continue reading the Theaetetus. At the start of the term, we were at 168c5; the specific section of the week is sent around by email in advance. Each session is led by a person appointed in the preceding session, preparing the translation of the agreed-upon section of the text especially diligently. The sessions consist in the presenter’s translation of the passage and discussion of whatever interesting or uncertain point that arises, whenever it arises. We use the Greek text (OCT) as the basis for our discussion, and everybody should have prepared the week’s section in advance. People who do not know Greek or are just starting to learn it are welcome to attend. 

If you want to be included in the email list, please subscribe here.

For more information please email hermann.koerner@philosophy.ox.ac.uk.


Hegel Reading Group | The Phenomenology of Spirit | 18:00-19:30 | Online

The Hegel Reading Group continues to meet by Skype on Wednesdays 18.00-19.30. New readers are welcome.

We are reading 'The Phenomenology of Spirit' (any translation), this week paras 464-469. Please contact susanne.herrmann-sinai@philosophy.ox.ac.uk for the Skype link.



2020 Besterman Lecture | 17:00-18:00 | Live event

Speaker: Professor William Doyle FBA, Professor Emeritus of History and Senior Research Fellow (University of Bristol): Who were the French Revolutionaries?

For more information please visit this page.


Oxford Mathematics Online Public Lecture | 17:00-18:00 | Live event

Speaker: Anna Seigal - Ideas for a Complex World

In this talk, Anna will describe how some of the ideas at the heart of science’s quantitative tools are familiar to us all. We’ll see how mathematics enables us to turn the ideas into tools. As a society, if we can better connect with the ideas driving this toolbox, we can see when to use (and not to use) the available tools, what’s missing from the toolbox, and how we might come up with new ideas to drive our future understanding of the world around us.

Anna Seigal is a Hooke Research Fellow in the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford and a Junior Research Fellow at The Queen's College.

Watch live (no need to register):

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Oxford Mathematics YouTube


Africana Philosophy discussion group |  17:00 | Online

Speaker: Neil Roberts - Africana philosophy and the idea of freedom

Visit our facebook page for the zoom links or our website to sign up to our mailing list.