Jeff McMahan

jeff mcmahan


2014 - present White’s Professor of Moral Philosophy, Oxford.
2003 - 2014 Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Rutgers University.
1986 - 2003 Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor of Philosophy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
1983 - 1986 Title A Fellow in Philosophy, St. John’s College, Cambridge.




PhD. Philosophy, Cambridge.

Dissertation: ‘Problems of Population Theory’, supervised by Bernard Williams.

1983 MA. Philosophy, Oxford.

BA. Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

First Class Honours.


BA. Major in English Literature, University of the South, USA.

Summa cum Laude.



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  • Reagan and the World: Imperial Policy in the New Cold War (London: Pluto Press, 1984). Revised, updated, and expanded edition, New York: Monthly Review Press, 1985.

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Reviews: Analysis symposium 1, Analysis symposium 2, Analysis symposium 3, Australasian Journal of PhilosophyAustralian Book Review, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Center for Jewish Law, Essays in Philosophy, Ethics, Ethics symposium 1, Ethics symposium 2, Ethics symposium 3, Ethics symposium 4, International Affairs, Journal of Applied Philosophy, Journal of Moral PhilosophyJournal of Politics, Mind, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, Perspectives on Politics, Philosophy & Public Affairs (review essay), Political Quarterly, Radical Philosophy Review, The Mises Review, The Philosophers’ Magazine, The Times Higher Education, Transnational Legal Theory, Utilitas symposium 1, Utilitas symposium 2Utilitas symposium 3Commonweal

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  • Derek Parfit: His Life and Thought (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming).


In Press


  • The Values of Lives (New York: Oxford University Press). A collection of articles.


Under Contract


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  • The Ethics of Killing: Self-Defense and Punishment (New York: Oxford University Press).
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I have written primarily about a range of issues concerning harming, killing, and saving. These issues include war, self- and other-defense, abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, the metaphysics of personal identity, the metaphysics of death, the evaluation of death, the moral status of animals, causing people to exist, disability, torture, philanthropy, and so on.

During Hilary and Trinity terms 2021 I will be teaching a graduate seminar on the ethics of creating, preserving, and ending lives. I will be discussing issues in population ethics and their relevance to various problems in practical ethics.

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