Metaphysics Work-in-Progress Group

The Metaphysics Work in Progress Seminar is a friendly and constructive group for discussing ongoing work in metaphysics. It meets from 1:30-3:00pm on Tuesdays in 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th week. Papers are offered by Faculty members and (where space allows) external speakers. The papers are circulated for pre-reading, which is encouraged but not required. The seminars begin with a summary of the paper from the presenter, followed by questions. All members of the Faculty (undergraduates, graduates and staff) are most welcome, along with members of other Faculties. To be put on the mailing list, please email Alex Kaiserman.

Metaphysics Work-in-Progress convenors: Alex Kaiserman and Nick Jones

Past Terms

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Week 2 (4 May)

Nathaniel Baron-Schmitt (MIT)

Thing Causation

Week 4 (18 May)

Alex Moran (Oxford)

Some Thoughts on (Not Surviving) Fission

Week 6 (1 June)

Verónica Gómez Sánchez (ACU)

Naturalness by Law 

Week 8 (15 June)

Salvatore Florio (Birmingham) and Nicholas K Jones (Oxford)

Two Conceptions of Absolute Generality


Week 2 (26th January)

Barbara Vetter (Berlin)

'Dispositionalism and the problem of necessary masks'
Week 4 (9th February)

Oliver Pooley (Oxford)

'B-Theoretic Accounts of Passage'
Week 6 (23rd February)

Annina Loets (Berlin)

'Aspects and the Indiscernibility of Identicals'
Week 8 (9th March)

Alex Roberts (Oxford)



Week 2 (20th October)             

Mahrad Almotahari (Edinburgh)

'The Reformation of Realism'
Week 4 (3rd November)

Michael Townsen Hicks and Alastair Wilson

'Chance and Explanation'
Week 6 (17th November)

Fatema Amijee (UBC)

'Why Inquiry Commits Us to the Principle of Sufficient Reason'
Week 8 (1st December)

Paul Audi (Rochester)

'Persistence and Experience - A Plea for Temporally Extended Endurers'