Metaphysics Work-in-Progress Group

The Metaphysics Work in Progress Seminar was a friendly and constructive group for discussing ongoing work in metaphysics. 

Note that from Michaelmas 2022, the Oxford Epistemology Group and Metaphysics Work-in-Progress Group merged to form the Metaphysics and Epistemology Group. Please see the new group’s entry for more.

Metaphysics Work-in-Progress convenors: Alex Kaiserman and Nick Jones

Past Terms

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Week 2 (4 May)

Nathaniel Baron-Schmitt (MIT)

Thing Causation

Week 4 (18 May)

Alex Moran (Oxford)

Some Thoughts on (Not Surviving) Fission

Week 6 (1 June)

Verónica Gómez Sánchez (ACU)

Naturalness by Law 

Week 8 (15 June)

Salvatore Florio (Birmingham) and Nicholas K Jones (Oxford)

Two Conceptions of Absolute Generality


Week 2 (26th January)

Barbara Vetter (Berlin)

'Dispositionalism and the problem of necessary masks'
Week 4 (9th February)

Oliver Pooley (Oxford)

'B-Theoretic Accounts of Passage'
Week 6 (23rd February)

Annina Loets (Berlin)

'Aspects and the Indiscernibility of Identicals'
Week 8 (9th March)

Alex Roberts (Oxford)



Week 2 (20th October)             

Mahrad Almotahari (Edinburgh)

'The Reformation of Realism'
Week 4 (3rd November)

Michael Townsen Hicks and Alastair Wilson

'Chance and Explanation'
Week 6 (17th November)

Fatema Amijee (UBC)

'Why Inquiry Commits Us to the Principle of Sufficient Reason'
Week 8 (1st December)

Paul Audi (Rochester)

'Persistence and Experience - A Plea for Temporally Extended Endurers'