Philosophy of Mathematics Seminar

We meet on Mondays at 4:30 pm in the Ryle Room of the Philosophy Centre unless otherwise indicated .

Conveners: Volker Halbach, Daniel Isaacson, and James Studd

Hilary Term 2018

Week 2 (22 January) Michal Tomasz Godziszewski (Warsaw) "On the Nonabsoluteness of Satisfaction" (Abstract) 

Week 5 (12 February ) Beau Mount (Oxford) "Bivalence, Fidelity, and Large-Cardinal Reflection: Variations on a Kreiselian Theme" (Abstract)

Week 7 (26 February) Jean-Michel Salanskis (Paris Nanterre) "A history of non-standard approaches" (Abstract)

Week 8 (5 March) Cheryl Misak (Toronto) "Frank Ramsey's Contributions to Mathematics and Its Foundations, with Biographical Asides" (Abstract)

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