Workshop in Ancient Philosophy

The Workshop in Ancient Philosophy is a series devoted to discussing work in progress by speakers within and outside Oxford pertaining to the field. Members of the Faculty, students and visitors are welcome. For details, please contact the convenors. If you would like to join the speaker for dinner after the talk, please email the chair by midday on the preceding Tuesday. 

Seminars will take place at 16.00 - 18.00 in the Ryle Room at the Radcliffe Humanities Building, Woodstock Rd. 

Workshop in Ancient Philosophy Convenors: Ursula Coope, Simon Shogry and Luca Castagnoli

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Week 1 (17th January)

Ricardo Salles (UNAM) 'Stoic and Pythagorean Theories of Everlasting Recurrence'
Week 2 (24th January) Maria Michela Sassi (Pisa) 'Ancient Reflections on the Nature of Colour' 
Week 3 (31st January) Harry Alanen (Oxford) 'The Aporia of Physics III.3: Aristotle on the Sameness of Action and Affection' 
Week 4 No seminar  
Week 5 (14th February) Tosca Lynch (Oxford) '‘The most beautiful harmony arises from conflicting elements’: Harmonia and the ‘Soul of the Whole’ in Plato’s Timaeus'

Week 6 (21st February)

Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi (UCL) 'Aristotle on self-improvement and self-annihilation' 
Week 7 (28th February) Thomas Benatouil | Cambridge / Lille | 'Speusippus and the Theaetetus'

Week 8

No seminar



Week 1 (11th October)

Dominic Scoot (Oxford) 

'Plato's Tyrant' Aristotle on Loving Other Selves"

Week 2 (18th October) Marta Jimenez (Emory) 'Aristotle on Justice as Virtues' 
Week 3 (25th October) No Seminar  
Week 4 (1st November) Katharine O'Reilly (Oxford)  'The Jellyfish's Pleasures' 
Week 5 (8th November) Paolo Fait (Oxford)  'Categories on Topics 1.9' 

Week 6 (15th November)

No seminar


Week 7 (22nd November) Paulina Remes (Uppsala)   'Wanting to be Determinate? Self-Perception and Self-Knowledge in Aristotle's EE 7,12' 

Week 8 (29th November)

Philipp Kurbel (Oxford)

'Aristotle on Metaphor'


Week 1 (26th April)

Sarah Broadie (St Andrews)

"The Form of the Good in the Republic"

Week 2 (3rd May) Saloni de Souza (Balliol College) "Platonic Zombies"
Week 3 (10th May) Dhananjay Jagannathan (Columbia) "Reciprocity and the Character of Particular Justice in Aristotle"
Week 4 (17th May) Emily Fletcher (Wisconsin-Madison) "Cosmology and Human Nature in the Timaeus"

Week 5 (24th May)

Sophia Connel (Birbeck)

"Nutritive and Sentient soul in Aristotle's embryology"

Week 6 (31st May) Beatrice Lienemann (Frankfurt)  "Two Contraversial claims in Aristotle's conception of the voluntary and in his theory of responsibility"

Week 7 (7 June)

Jacob Klein (Colgate)  "Original Sins: the Older Stoics on Mistakes and Moral Progress"